Meet Our Team

We have over 60 dedicated volunteers working in all aspects of our festival.

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​Executive Director, Kat Albert
Membership Coordinator, Darcy Benwell
Merchandising, Jennifer Bourgoyne
Local Media Coordinator, Barbara Carpenter
​Submissions Director, Stephanie Fambro Harrison
Venues/Accommodations Coordinator, Kimberly Jones
Compliance, Wendé Protzman

Screenwriter Competition Coordinators,
Mary McDaniel and Nick Roberts
Publicity, Denise Pinschinger
Young Filmmaker Liaison, Laura Galt Snavely
Philanthropic Partners and Grants, Stephanie Moore
Business Liaison, Steven Frank Albert
Database Coordinator, Valencia Lee
YouTube Producer, Jeremy Hilliard

Board of Directors

Bob Fonseca, KLBJ-FM

Mike Gassaway, Award-winning Actor

​Barbara McPharlin, Retired Business Professional 

Glenda Watters, Iron Wolf Ranch and Distillery

Matt Woolley, Star Hill Ranch

Young Filmmaker Advisory Board (Y-FAB)

Jim Dirkes
Tania Romero
Laura Galt Snavely
Brayden Watts



Harold Fisch, Filmmaker Liaison/Film Marketing Director

Tom Cavenaugh, Production Manager/Tech, A/V Support

Programming Team

Matthew Koshmrl, Documentaries

Megan Elizabeth Caldwell, Music Videos

Laura Galt Snavely, Jim Dirkes, Tania Romero, Brayden Watts, Young Filmmaker Films

Harold Fisch, Stephanie Harrison & Kat Albert




Sebastían Sabas, Assistant to the festival