Meet Our Team

We have over 60 dedicated volunteers working in all aspects of our festival.

​Executive Director, Kat Albert
Membership Coordinator, Darcy Benwell
Local Media Coordinator, Barbara Carpenter
​Submissions Director, Stephanie Fambro Harrison
Compliance, Wendé Protzman
Merchandising, Jennifer Bourgoyne

Venues/Accommodations Coordinator, Kimberly Jones
Screenwriter Competition Coordinators,
Mary McDaniel and Nick Roberts
Publicity, Denise Pinschinger
Young Filmmaker Liaison, Laura Galt Snavely
Philanthropic Partners and Grants, Stephanie Moore

Board of Directors

​Glenda Watters, Iron Wolf Ranch and Distillery
Bob Fonseca, KLBJ-fm
Adam Woolley, Star Hill Ranch

Barbara McPharlin, Retired Business Professional
Steven Albert, Retired Investment Professional

Young Filmmaker Advisory Board

Jim Dirkes
Tania Romero
Laura Galt Snavely
Brayden Watts

​Photos and bios to come.